Willoughby Whidden Diary from the Civil War

Pages 21-30

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Transcriptions by Denton and Sharon Cash.

Whidden Diary p11

page 21

picket sharpshooting all day 10th constantly a cannon firing and sharpshooting 11th scrimishing 1st &4 1 & 3 Fla on picket 12 light scrim and cannonading 13 dito 14th a few shots fired from artilery and our men communication with the yanks 15th quiet as cern... 16 ords for no communications with yanks 17 dito

Whidden Diary p 22

page 22

18th opened fire at 10 oclk sharpshooting in our front the 4th left in reserve and went 3 miles to the left and returned after knight 19th all apparently quiet in morning some can after noon 20th some canonading 21st heavy cannon duel in the morning otherwise all quiet 22 all as usual quiet 23 quiet in front of

Whidden Diary p23

page 23

Bates Div cannonading on the right and left 24 1st & 3 !st & 4 on picket times usually quiet also 25th 26 some cannonading all day supposition of the yanks retreating 27 verry little firing the yanks moved from our front 28 Browns Div charge to the left 11/2 miles from Reoff & ready there made works 29 moved to the left ... Fla

Whidden Diary p24

page 24

Brigade went to stop a rading party made works 30 moved at sundown & arrived at Jonesboro on the 31st and found line of battle at 2 oclk  We moved forward and struck the breastworks & was taken prisoner after laying under heavy fire for two hours

Whidden Diary p25

page 25

Sept the 1st

lying in the rear garded by mr yank the 2nd news by the yanks that Atlanta was in hand of them we were moved two miles south of Jonesboro 3 come back to Jonesboro & camped 4th marching for Atlanta at 4 oclk and was put in the barack 5th remained in the barracks

Whidden Diary p26

page 26

Sept 6th still in barracks 7 & 8 9th drawing half rations S the 10th  D llth still in Atlanta M 12th  T 13.. W 14 T 15th  F 16th S 17th D 18th M 19th taken the cars from Atlanta to Reoff & Ready and was exchanged an marched one mile and a half an camped the 20th marched to Jonesboro left there in the evening on rout for the command 21 marched on for

Whidden Diary p27

page 27


The command camped in a house 22 got to camp 23rd remain in camp all quiet 24 25 & 26, 27, 28 orders to move on the 29 Davis visiting the 24th moved at 7oclk the 29 crossed the Chattahoochee an camped marched at 7 oclk the 30 12 miles and camped Jas A Whidden belongs to the 9 Fla regt Co B

Whidden Diary p28

page 28

Oct the 1st

1st marched till 3 oclk and camped the 2nd marched till 9 oclk at knight an camped 3 marched12 miles camped.  Canonading in direction of Marietta 4th made works 5th still making abut.. and improving works the 6th left our works on the march camped about 4oclk after marching 7 miles of verry muddy road 7 move on 14 miles and

Whidden Diary p29

page 29

and camped 8th camped 1 mile of Sedar Town 9 marched 11 miles an camped 10th crossed the Coosy river and camped 11 traveled all day 12 marched all day and camped at Sugar Valley 13 ocupying our old works at Dalton and tairing the railroad left and marched for Layfayet on the 14th \15 got to Layfayet 16

Whidden Diary p30

 page 30

left Layfaett 17 moved on an camped at Alpine 18th moved 14 miles an camped 19 marched 13 miles 20 camped at Gadsden 21 remained at Gadsden 22 marched also 23 and 24 & 25 marched across San Mountain & camped 26 moved on for Decatur 27 throwing a few shell in Decatur and scrimishing also 28, 29 left Decatur 30 marched

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