Willoughby Whidden Diary from the Civil War

Pages 31-40

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Transcription by Denton and Sharon Cash.

Whidden Diary p 31 page 31

31st marched to Tuscumby and camped Tuscumbia and remained till the 5th and remained till the 7 and still remained till the 12th the 13 we crossed the Tennessee and came through Florence one mile and camped 14th building breastworks stoped at Florence till the 21 we marched the first snow fell the 21st

Whidden Diary p32

page 32


22nd marched  some snow fell 23rd camp at Wainsboro for the knight 24th marched all day 25th marched and captured 40 yankees at Henry'sville 26 marched and passed through Mount Pleasant and camped two miles from Columbia and conmenced scrimishing 27 lay round the town some light scrimishing all day

Whidden Diary p33

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the yankees fell back at knight across the river 28 some few canon firing and sharp shooting across the Duck river we rested all day 28 of 29 we crossed Duck river and scrimished all day and captured 1 batery in the evening 30 the yanks retreated to Franklin there made a stand we come up at 4 oclk and commenced fighting

Whidden Diary p34

page 34

the fight lasted rapidly all knight till before day light they evacuated the place


the 1st 1864 a great many lay dead and wounded on the battlefield of both sides the rebels lay dead on the works of the yankees and some got killed it side of the works

Whidden Diary p35

page 35


Our men was engaged all day burying the dead and taken up the wounded Gen Clayburn was killed Brig Gen Strallss estimate of our loss 7000 550 killed dead 2 we marched in direction of Murfreesboro camp at Tryune Gen Adams & Gen Giss was killed 3rd marched 7 ½ a.m. And camped 5 miles of Murfreesboro

Whidden Diary p

page 36


4th marched three miles and struck the pike leading to Knashvill commenced shelling the yankees blockhouse in the evening the enemy advanced on cavalry and infantry a fight of a few minutes ensued the Fla Brigade suffered severely 5th camped 6th moved to the old battle ground and went to making works 7 the yanks charged us and taken me

Whidden Diary p37

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Decr       Jany 1865

prisoner and carriedme to the front 8 9 10 remained in prison verry cold and sleety 13th still remained in prison and remained in Murfreesboro till the 2 of January and taken the  cars for Knashville the 3rd lay over in Nashville 4th left an traveled for Louisvill 5th landed and 6th lay in baracks and 7th on 8th the 9th we left Louisvill passed through Indianapolis l0 an on

Whidden Diary p38

page 38

the ll we landed at Columbia and went in the barracks at Camp Chase Ohio remaining in till the 12 of May we had frost and ice on the 12th in the prison & released from prison on the 12 of June on the 13 of we were making ready for leaving Columbus Ohio landed at Cincinnatte

Whidden Diary p39

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June on the 13 & 14th we left on boat for Louisville landed L.. the morning of the 15th left Louisville forNashville at 6 oclk p.m. 16th arrived at N    7 oclk a.m. 17 left N     and got to Chattanooga 18 taken the train for Cartersvill 19 marched all day 20 arrived at Atlanta 21 got to Macon left Macon the

Whidden Diary p40

page 40

22 for Ufala & lay over at Eufala the 23 also 24th 25 26 27 come to the Chattahoochee 28 on rout for Quincy 29 lay over in Quincy & 30 taken the train for Lake City arrived at 4 oclk

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