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BIGLER, Rev. Barton B., D.D.

Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. 
III, page 284, 1923.

BIGLER D.D, Rev. BARTON B. In Rev. BARTON B. BIGLER, D.D., pastor of the Memorial Presbyterian
Church, is found one of the most wholesome and human of philosophers and most courageous
ethical teachers that St. Augustine has ever known. The fragrance of his faith, the encouragement
to be found in his success and his maintenance of the truth in which he believes and for which
he ever has been ready to make personal sacrifices, unite in the making of a career of more
than average purpose and usefulness.

Doctor BIGLER was born near Angola, Indiana March 13, 1864, and received his early education
in the public schools of Angola. After graduating from the high school, he attended the
Tri-State College, located at the same place, and subsequently studied theology at Union
Seminary, New York, for two years, then becoming a student at McCormick Theological Seminary,
Chicago. Graduated from that institution in 1891, in the same year he became pastor of the
First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Michigan, whence he went to the First Presbyterian Church,
Frankfort, Indiana. He has also held the following pastorates: Christ Presbyterian Church,
Madison, Wisconsin; Central Presbyterian Church, Des Moines, Iowa, and First Presbyterian
Church, Racine, Wisconsin. >From the last-named he was called to the pastorate of the Memorial
Presbyterian Church, St. Augustine, in 1913. His life has swept by with settings of increased
prosperity and enlarging opportunities for usefulness, and his name is enrolled among those
who have deepened and broadened the channels of human brotherhood. Doctor BIGLER is the
author of "A Syllabus of United States History", published in 1887, which, at its appearance,
made a decidedly favorable impression.

Pesented by Nancy Rayburn

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