Florida Stories

Have you gotten a chuckle from a story about the past? Was the story serious? Would you share?  Help preserve this heritage of real or wanna be Floridians. We would love to include yours in the FLGenWeb Archives.  Also check by county for stories pertaining to a particular county in the archives as well as our local county sites.  Stories here are of a general nature or cover several counties in the one story.

Do you have stories of Old Florida which would help us understand our past better.  Please feel free to email me for their inclusion.  Add a note giving me permission to post to appropriate places.  These should be original stories that are not copyrighted by someone else.  If people are mentioned by name, they should not be living at this time to protect their identity.  If you wish your name or email address added to your story, please indicate.

 Floridians have lived through many trials and successes.  These pages are designed to remind us of the way it was.  Stories and pictures give us a glimpse of the way they lived.
Our ancestors I am sure had a struggle with houses and farms which would produce enough to keep them alive.  Just imagine how it must have been in the "Good Ole Days".  No A/C, plenty of mosquitos (drink that sulphur water),  roads that went all around to get to there from here.
Freezes, hurricanes happened without the advantage of radio and tv alerts.  There are articles of old Florida telling of a time when there were only five houses in Miami.  Imagine.
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