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Transcribed from:  The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol 
II, page 8, 1923.

ARCHIBALD, STANLEY C. for a quarter of a century was a traveling representative of the great
Cincinnati manufacturing concern of Procter & Gamble, and gained an extensive friendship and
acquaintance throughout the Southern States. Eventually he established a winter home at
Daytona and contemplated retiring from business altogether, but soon became interested in both
the business and civic affairs of Florida, and is one of the state's leading men of affairs today.

He was born in Madison, Indiana, July 23, 1865, son of Rev. GEORGE D. and NANCY KERR ARCHIBALD.
His father was one of the distinguished divines of the Presbyterian Church. Born in Washington
County, Pennsylvania, February 15, 1820, he graduated from Jefferson College of Pennsylvania in
1847, was ordained a minister in 1849, had charge of the First Presbyterian Church in Allegheny
City until 1855, the First Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati in 1860-61, the First Presbyterian
Church of Madison, Indiana, until 1866, was pastor of Westminster Church in New York City,
served two years as president of Hanover College, and was professor of Pastoral Theology at
Danville, Kentucky, until 1883, when he retired. He had also served for a time as president
of Wilson's Female College. He died at his home in Covington, Kentucky, September 25, 1902.
His wife, NANCY KERR, was a daughter of Rev. JOSEPH KERR, and was born in Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania, August 10, 1824, and died at Daytona, Florida, in 1919, in her ninety-fifth year.
Three of her children are still living, two of them at Cincinnati.

STANLEY C. ARCHIBALD spent most of his youth in Kentucky. He graduated from Center College at
Danville, Kentucky, in 1884, and at once began his commercial experience as an employee in the
freight department of Procter & Gamble of Cincinnati. This manufacturing establishment was then
a small institution. Two years later he became sales manager of the company over all the
territory south of the Ohio River. In this work he continued twenty-five years, until he
resigned and came to Florida. Mr. ARCHIBALD had an active part in football, baseball and
other athletics while in school, and clean sport has been a hobby with him during all the
years since. He was a red headed boy in college, and his college friends and his acquaintances
all over the South knew him variously as Red and Arch.

In 1914 Mr. ARCHIBALD formed a partnership with R. L. PAPPY and established the East Coast
Preserving Company. In eight years' time this has developed into a manufacturing establishment
of national and international importance. They manufacture jellies and marmalades, and their
product has achieved the quality that has brought it an extensive sale all over the United
States, in Canada, Bermudas and England. The company maintains sales offices and warehouses
in New York City, Chicago and Boston.

For one year Mr. ARCHIBALD was president of the Triple City Chamber of Commerce. He served
two years as president of the Daytona Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Rotary Club
and the Elks, and with his family worships in the Congregational Church.

October 31, 1893, he married Miss JEAN ERNST, daughter of THOMAS and KATHARINE (sic)
(COLVILLE) ERNST, of Covington, Kentucky. They have a son and daughter: GEORGE KERR, who
graduated from the Staunton Military Academy of Virginia, on June 7, 1922, and entered the
University of Virginia, September 12, 1922, and KATHARINE (sic) ERNST, attending High
School at Daytona, Florida.

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