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Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. II  p283  1923

CAMPBELL, GILES B. While it is not true that all men who fail to achieve
prosperity lack the essentials of energetic manhood, yet it is certain that
none forge ahead of their associates and place themselves among the competing
factors of financial, industrial and commercial life unless they possess
certain characteristics that have made this progress possible. Life is in
large measure what men make it, and unless an individual is willing to exert
himself, utilize every faculty and bring into play his reserve forces he is
liable to find himself left behind in the race toward the goal of success.

This is especially true in the growing communities where competition is
intense and where the race is to the competent. One of the men of DeFuniak
Springs who has been able to pass many with whom he made his start in life and
to achieve more than ordinary advancement is GILES B. CAMPBELL, president of
the First National Bank, and a leading citizen of his community.

Mr. CAMPBELL was born March 26, 1877, in Walton County, Florida, and is a
son of DANIEL and EMMA (BOWERS) CAMPBELL, natives of Florida, the latter of
whom is deceased. As the name would indicate, the family is of Scotch origin,
having originated on the Isle of Skye, whence came the paternal great-
grandparents of Mr. CAMPBELL, DANIEL and JENNIE CAMPBELL, who became early
residents of North Carolina. In the Old North State were born the paternal
CAMPBELL was little more than a lad at the outbreak of the war between the
states, but volunteered his services to the Confederacy and was accepted,
being assigned to the Sixth Regiment, Florida Volunteer Infantry. He fought
with this command throughout the great struggle, and emerged there from with a
splendid record for bravery and soldierly fidelity. On his return to the
duties of civil life he resumed his interrupted law studies, was admitted to
the bar and entered upon a career that carried him to a high place in the
legal profession. He also became prominent in public life, served several
years as a member of the Board of County Commissioners, was county judge for
several years, and for two or three years was a member of the State
Legislature. He is now living in comfortable retirement. Judge CAMPBELL
married Miss EMMA BOWERS, a daughter of GILES and CHRISTIAN (McKINNON) BOWERS.

After attending the public schools of Walton County GILES B. CAMPBELL
pursued a course at the State Normal School of DeFuniak Springs. With this
preparation he started teaching school, but after two years thus spent decided
that the educator’s vocation did not offer him the opportunities that he
desired, and accordingly he turned his attention to the mercantile business,
which he followed also for two years. In 1904 he was one of the organizers of
the First National bank of DeFuniak Springs, and when that institution threw
open its doors for business, he was its first cashier. That position he
retained until 1916, in which year he was elevated to the presidency, of which
he is still the incumbent. He has been a leader in all movements which have
occupied the attention and enlisted the energies of public-spirited citizens,
and during the World war period was vice chairman of the committee in charge
of all the war drives and very active in all enterprises as a patriotic
citizen. He is a Mason, having reached the Knight Templar degree in that
order, and also belongs to the Knights of Pythias. With his family he holds
membership in the Presbyterian Church.

In December, 1902, at DeFuniak Springs, Mr. CAMPBELL was united in
marriage with Miss HATTIE HENRY, a daughter of Dr. GEORGE P. and MARY A.
(SAWYER) HENRY, of Nashville, Tennessee, both of whom are deceased. Doctor
HENRY, who was for many years a leading physician and surgeon in Tennessee and
Florida, was a Confederate veteran of the war between the states, and during
his service was captured by the enemy on one occasion. Mr. and Mrs. CAMPBELL
are the parents of one child, BARBARA.

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